Las Mujeres Deciden

Maria, a young Spanish doctor, works in a maternity hospital in the Ecuadorian rain forest. She is shocked about the premature pregnancies and the violence women in Ecuador have to face. She meets Mishell, an adolescent abused by her father, and Yanina, a woman who decides to perform a clandestine abortion. Maria discovers that behind unintended pregnancies often hides sexual violence.

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In 2012 filmmaker Xiana Yago Tortajada moved to Ecuador to produce and direct her first documentary feature film Las Mujeres Deciden which won a grant for documentary production (2013) and distribution (2016) from the National Film Council of Ecuador. The film premiered in Wales in 2017 at the widf film festival. During a 4 week long tour through Ecuador it has been screened in various cinemas, schools, universities and community centers.

Since then Las Mujeres Deciden has received the award for Best Documentary at the Telling Tales Festival in Manchester and the Nevada Women Film Festival in Las Vegas. Best Editing Award at the Wales International Documentary Festival, the Audience Award for Best Documentary at the Amnesty International Festival and the Ojo Loco Iberoamerican Film Festival in Grenoble. Las mujeres deciden has also been running on film festivals in New York, Brussels, Johannesburg, Bangkok, La Havana and many more.

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